Our Policies

Fluoride Free WA Party are concerned Western Australian’s committed to improve the quality of health in WA by firstly ensuring pure clean water for all.

We are pro-people, pro-choice and pro-environment.

Since Western Australia enacted “Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Act 1966fluoride-is-not 50 years ago, a growing body of evidence demonstrates the harmful and long-term health effects of consuming fluoride, with many communities worldwide opting out of this practice every year.

Like many health experts worldwide, the Fluoride Free WA Party believes dental decay should be tackled through education and healthy lifestyle. Western Australians should have access to water free from fluoridation chemicals to minimise harmful effects on human health and the environment. Drinking water should not be used to medicate the population.

The Fluoride Free WA Party primary aims are to;

  • Repeal the Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Act 1966.
  • End the practice of water fluoridation throughout Western Australia.

In the interim, Fluoride Free WA Party will advocate for the following;

  • Ensure infant warnings, informing parents and caregivers to use a fluoride free water source when preparing infant formula, are placed on water utility bills, on council and WA Department of Health websites, on maternity hospital notice boards and that it is discussed by Health Department personnel during maternal and infant home visits.
  • Mandate advice on infant formula products to use a fluoride free water source.
  • Ensure fluoride free water is available in every Child Care Centre, Hospital and Senior Nursing home.
  • Provide a free source of fluoride free water in every Local Council, so low income families can access safe water.
  • Advocate for increased funding to dental services, particularly in socially disadvantaged and regional areas.
  • Endorse a good dental health education programme, similar to the “Childsmile Programme” (Scotland) throughout Western Australian schools.
  • Protect the Western Australian environment, ecosystems and unique wildlife from the daily disposal of industrial waste down drains and into the environment.
  • Maintain Western Australians’ medical and ethical rights to informed consent.

JOIN US and help end water fluoridation throughout Western Australia.