About Us

Fluoride Free WA is an incorporated community organisation, governed by our Rules of Association. We have a governing committee whose members are subject to annual elections.

Fluoride Free WA Inc is a not-for-profit educational and advocacy organisation on issues of fluoride toxicity and the medical ethics relating to mandatory medication. We are based in Perth, Western Australia.

The present FFWA committee was voted in September 2016.

Hayley President hayley@fluoridefreewa.org
Anne Vice-President, Country anne@fluoridefreewa.org
Chris Vice-President, Metropolitan chris@fluoridefreewa.org
John W Treasurer treasurer@fluoridefreewa.org
John B Committee Secretary johnb@fluoridefreewa.org
Nita Membership Secretary nita@fluoridefreewa.org
Bev Committee Member
Sharika Committee Member sharika@fluoridefreewa.org
Steve Committee Member steve@fluoridefreewa.org
Luigi Committee Member luigi@fluoridefreewa.org
Phillip Committee Member phillip@fluoridefreewa.org
Andrew Committee Member andrew@fluoridefreewa.org