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Fluoride Free WA Inc (FFWA) is a non-profit educational and advocacy organisation on issues of fluoride toxicity and the medical ethics relating to mandatory water fluoridation.

Like many health experts worldwide, we believe that dental decay should be tackled through education and a healthy lifestyle, not through mass medication with an industrial waste product.

Since WA parliament introduced Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Act 1966, there has been a growing body of evidence demonstrating the harmful health effects of consuming fluoride, with many communities around the world opting out of this practice every year.

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An important video message from Professor Paul Connett.

Fluoride Exposure in Utero Linked to Lower IQ in Children.

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Fluoride Action Network responds to a new 12 year federally-funded study from the U.S. National Institutes of Health published September 19, 2017 showing fluoride exposure in utero is linked to lower ...

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UPDATE: the World Health Organization data shows there is no value in water Fluoridation.

In fact the very best teeth are found where there is no Fluoride deliberately added.

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Here is an update of the World Health Organization data that shows there is absolutely no value in water Fluoridation or addition of Fluoride to table salt. In fact the very best teeth are found where...

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