Welcome to Fluoride Free WA.

Fluoride Free WA Inc (FFWA) is a non-profit educational and advocacy organisation on issues of fluoride toxicity and the medical ethics relating to mandatory water fluoridation.

Like many health experts worldwide, we believe that dental decay should be tackled through education and a healthy lifestyle, not through medication of public drinking water with an industrial waste product.

Since WA parliament introduced Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Act 1966, there has been a growing body of evidence demonstrating the harmful health effects of consuming fluoride, with many communities around the world opting out of this practice every year.


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A QLD University project was very successful in reducing cavities in toddlers from 23% to 2% with prenatal, and follow up phone and home visits! AMAZING! There is a better, more effective, less risky solution to dental decay. It also has the potential to reduce other illnesses such as diabetes II and obesity.

Watch Merilyn Haines, retired Medical Laboratory Scientist in her 2016 presentation. [The QLD University project 14:25 mins].

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The FFWA Committee has been S T R A T E G I S I N G .......
And we want to involve you!

After holding our annual strategy meeting in January and developing our plans, we have so much in store for the rest of 2018 and beyond! We want to share these plans with you because they are AMBITIOUS and therefore – more than ever – we need your help to make them happen.
Our list of projects includes a new website, social media activity, group water testing and our Café & Restaurant Certification program. But most of all, we’re EXCITED because plans are underway for SOMETHING HUGE! We wish we could tell you all about it, but we’ve been advised to keep it under wraps for now.
All we can say is this SECRET WEAPON is in PROGRESS and all will be revealed as soon as we can, probably by June this year. We hope this will transform the way Australians see tap water forever.
Before then we need to prepare and be in a stronger position. First of all we need a dazzling and powerful NEW WEBSITE with a range of important functions. This will form the backbone of our operations, so it’s our TOP PRIORITY​! To do this we’re looking for anyone with sound experience in web design to help create a professional new website.
We’ve also put together a 2018 “Wish List” – a list of projects and approximate costs to give our supporters the opportunity to contribute financially to any project that especially interests them. ​Check out our wish list at: fluoridefreewa.org/get-involved/the-wish-list/
One thing is for sure, your contribution to any of these projects will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE! Donate here: fluoridefreewa.org/donate/
If you are making a LARGE DONATION of $2k or more and would like to hear more about our plans, please email andrew@fluoridefreewa.org directly to discuss and/or organise a meeting.

The FFWA Inc Team
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Read personal letters from individuals and families impacted by dental fluorosis.

Share your story.

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Read personal letters from individuals and families impacted by dental fluorosis. Share your story in a comment below: fluoridealert.org/issues/fluorosis/personal/

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